Monday, August 24, 2009

And the Blessings Keep Flowing

Greetings! I was blessed today with this award by Cindy and Paige. Thank you Ladies for including me in such a wonderful group! Be sure to check out their blogs for some amazing projects! In accepting this award, I must name 5 things that I enjoy and in no particular order.

1. I love singing old church hymns.
2. I truly enjoy the crafting experience.
3. I love to cook,especially, for other people.
4. I love my animals.
5. I enjoy blogging and getting to know my cyber friends.

Now I am to name 5 people to receive this award:

Kathi of Golden Paper Dreams
Maria of Crafty Creations
Linda of Payne Holler Cards
Susan of Sue Stampin Daly
Amy of My Creative Clutter

Enjoy Ladies and thanks again to Cindy and Paige! Blessings to you!
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  1. Congrats Vicki! You totally deserve it!!!

  2. I really love when everyone gets awards because you get to learn so many great things about people! Thanks for sharing, Vicki!

  3. Thank you Vicki, I will work on this today. Yeah first day of school!!

  4. Vicki
    Thank you so much for the awrad! I am truly honored that you would pick me!

  5. Many congratulations on your well deserved award.

  6. What a beautiful award to receive. But the pictures you have taken are just gorgeous! I love the one from your kitchen window. Your place must be so peaceful and full of nature and beauty. Just Beautiful!!!! Sometimes when we hit a "Wall" (and I have been there many times throughout my life) there is a reason for it and most the time it is the Lord telling us to slow down and take in the great "Tapestry Art" I have given you to enjoy and gain strength and imagination and to share with others. It is many times that He just wants us to sit and "Be Still" and know that he is "God". I don't believe you have hit a wall I think the Lord put the wall there for you to take time to sit and reminisce in His wonderful Love and the beautiful pictures he has given to you in your yard and heart. HUGS!

  7. Vicki, I am so honored that you chose me to receive this award from you! Thank you so much and many blessings to you!

    Don't worry, I "hit the wall" myself sometimes, just take time for yourself and enjoy these moments, it will come back to you!

  8. thanks so much Vicki for sending me an award - I will pick it up later this week LOL...I love your card...can you still see after that cutting?? your card was worth it! it's beautiful. Arent our cyber friends so special... I would like to echo Deb's beautiful comment!!! I love opening your blog and seeing that picture...Have a blessed day, Linda


Thank you for blessing me with your comments. I truly appreciate each and every one! Have a wonderful day!