Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello Everyone! It's been a while I know!! It finally seems like I am crawling out of the dark hole I have been swimming in for the past several weeks. Lots going on in my life and I am starting to see an end to some of the chaos.

I want to thank all of you that have checked on me and missed me! I have missed you, too! Hopefully, this long an absence won't happen again soon!

I have done quite a bit of craft related things but not paper crafting. I made five birthday cakes since I last posted, made flowers for a friend's wedding and have had a blast welcoming my youngest daughter and her family back from Germany. Not to mention all the church functions!

I have weathered numerous illnesses and medication changes. The jury is still out on the last change. I am to be tested this week for sleep apnea. It seems to be the culprit for a number of related problems. All I know is I am over the sleeping two hours and waking up and then being exhausted all the time!

I want to get into my craft room and play so much but the time flies by before I can get thru the door. I have even resorted to making cards with a Hallmark CD...oh, the horror of it all! LOL! I'll be crafting again I know....just not sure when.

My love and blessings to you all! Don't give up on me! I will at least try to keep my blog updated more often!

God bless,

ETA: Thank you everyone for your sweet comments even tho' they are not showing up on my blog!
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