Saturday, June 13, 2009

View From My Kitchen Window

As a new blogger, I thought you might like to see some of what inspires me on a daily basis. I live in the mountains of East Tennessee and wake to God's beauty all around me every day. I live in a 110 year old house with more character than I could ever imagine. We have been blessed to have seven generations live in this house. The barn you see is over 150 years old. It is still functional and shelters three horses on a stormy day. I am surrounded by dogwood, redbud and poplar trees just to mention a few. Three creeks merge outside my kitchen door. So, even though I cherish my crafting time, I always come back to that view outside my kitchen window. Thanks for letting me share what truly inspires me and keeps my eyes open to what beauty can be. Have a blessed day!
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  1. Vicki thank you for joining my Blog Candy.
    You have a very nice blog. I think you're blessed to live in such a lovely place.
    I have added you to my blog list.
    I hope to come and visit your blog again in the future.

  2. Oh MOM!!! I miss it so much. Used to be my I look at windmills and Your blog keeps getting better and better...I am so proud. Love you!!

  3. OM goodness, that is an inspiring view! So beautiful and serene. TFS :)

  4. I sure miss views like this too. I used to live at the foot of mountains in MT in the country on a ranch. Now I live in a city with neighbors that don't care what their yards look like. I miss the crisp cleaness of that life.

  5. Oh, what a scene! It looks very serene too!! Beautiful :)

  6. this is a beautiful and wonderful way to wake up everyday...while i love living near to the ocean..i am a lover ofmountains..greenery..
    and the country life..
    your life is blessed.

  7. Oh I love your view!!! And to have the relaxing! Even though we live in the country (and love our view!) some day DH and I would like to move to KY or TN!


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