Saturday, June 27, 2009

Father's Day Goodie

No, you are not seeing things! That really is a fishing bobber sitting on a bottle. This was a Father's Day goodie I handed out to the men at my church. Silly, yes! But they all loved it! I printed the "fishers of men" verse on the computer, cut it out and adhered it to the bottle. I also printed Happy Father's Day and used my word window punch to cut those out. I used a paper punch to prick a small hole and attached the label to the bobber wire on top. I used glue dots to adhere the bobber to the bottle. Each bottle was filled with chocolate kisses. I guess even the silliest of ideas have a place somewhere!! Have a blessed day!
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  1. There's no limit to our imagination... and you have lots of fantastic ideas.

  2. What a great little gesture for all the men in your church!! That's terrific!

  3. awwww, that is tooo cute!! Im sure they love them:)


  4. What a cute idea! My son is an avid fisherman and he would have loved this! How sweet and thoughtful of you!

  5. Wow wonder you never let me throw anything away. I won't fuss about clutter anymore as you seem to use everything in sight. Bet the guys loved 'em...they never know what they are gonna get from you.

    Love ya,

  6. Such a neat idea!

  7. What a super gift. I am sure they all would have had a good laugh and loved t receive it

  8. You are sooooo freakin creative!!! Wow-At least I got a small portion of it! LOL Luv ya Mom!


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