Monday, February 8, 2010

Thank You Hugs

Glitter Graphics -

Hello Friends!

No craft project to share to day, but a big THANK YOU to all the followers!

If you have become a follower on my blog and I haven't contacted you to thank you, please forgive me! It is not something I want to neglect but Blogger has left me with no options! For months now, I have been trying to retrieve the followers that Blogger let vanish and still no help from them. I can see the number of followers I have on my dashboard but I can not view the individual follower. Also, I can not view any followers on anyone else's blog. Nor can I become a follower of any blogs. Nothing shows up for me but the title. You can imagine how frustrating and discouraging this can be. There are so many blogs that I would love to follow and visit on a regular basis, but there is no where for me to sign up with the present situation.

I hope you will continue to follow my blog and know that I appreciate each of you. I am hoping that Blogger can correct this issue in the future. I guess the old saying is true in this case, "You get what you pay for"! I love using Blogger for so many other features they offer. I have also learned I am one of thousands having this issue with them. So, I'll continue to use them and continue to be grateful for the followers I can't see!!

Have a wonderful week and stay safe and warm!

Blessings to you,


  1. Well, I'm still here and appreciate your sweet and glittery thank you!

    Sorry for all the problems you are having with Blogger! How frustrating!

  2. I'm sorry you are having that problem...Mine went away for a couple of days but it came back....maybe yours will too!

  3. Love your glittery graphic- awesome. I always enjoy you stopping by and sending me blessings! Not sure what happened to the side icons......

  4. Vicki, sorry to hear about the problems you're having, hope they will go away soon :)
    And thank you so much for your glittery thank you! I've been following your blog and greatly enjoy it :)

  5. Sorry you're having problems Vicki. Have you tried accessing them from the dashboard instead of the blog? Hope it gets fixed soon for you.

  6. Sorry you are having trouble with blogger, just know your followers still are alerted when you post, so that's a good thing. Hope they fix it soon.

  7. Hi Vicki. Sorry about you having problems. I am in the blogger help forum now trying to see if they know anything. I will keep you posted. Email me if anything changes.


  8. Love the Glittery Thank you!! I'm sorry to hear you are having these problems. I hope they get fixed soon for you!! It can be quite frustrating!!

  9. Last year I had an issue like this except I disappeared as a follower on some blogs I followed. I had to go back and add myself again as a follower when I noticed I wasn't getting updates from those blogs in my Google Reader. Do you use Google Reader? If not, it's an awesome tool and you can subscribe to a blog without following it. Have a wonderful day!

  10. I'm still following your blog even if I don't always leave a comment. Very nice graphic, thank you!
    I hope you'll soon get the problem solved.

  11. I know how is it to have problems with blogging :( Hopefully it will get better soon :)


  12. Ugh Blogger is a pain when it plays up


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