Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Design DIVAS July Oldies But Goodies Blog Hop

Hello Friends!

It is time once again for the Design DIVAS Oldies But Goodies Blog Hop! The Design DIVAS are a fantastic group of crafters on Facebook! For the hop, we are challenged to make a project using items in our stash that are at least six months old. I'm sure, like most of you, the real challenge would be to find items that AREN'T six months! I have the privilege of starting our hop today. Hope you enjoy your journey!

** Long Post Alert**

My project today is a bittersweet one. Due to some life changes and circumstances, I had to reevaluate my pet population. I have three dogs and a cat. The two big "farm dogs" and the cat do their own thing most of the time and require very little effort to love and care for. Then I have "Missy", my little Boston Terrier DIVA! She is precious and a hoot to have around. However, she does not behave very well outside. She likes to "herd" the horses and run the hills like a shepherd. I live in the mountains and coyotes come through on a regular basis. Not good for a little dog to be out at night trying to conquer the hills! She is on a leash most of the time, but escapes from time to time and worries me to no end that she will get hurt or killed. While I am away from home, she is very happy in her crate. The problem now is that I have to be away from home as much as 10 hours a day/night. That is no life for a precious pup. So, I made the decision to find her a new home. The local Humane Society was wonderful to help me find a loving family with two adorable little girls who wanted to love and care for Missy. They have a fenced yard and a stay at home Mom, so, Missy will be in a much better situation. I asked the little girls if they would like a journal or notebook with a list of Missy's "likes" so they could get to know her better. They were thrilled with the idea (as was Mom)! This idea led me to making a journal for the family.

The journal had been buried for ages, but I thought it would do nicely. I had some doggy paper I had purchased quite a while back from Big Lots. I wrote poems about Missy's likes and printed them on cardstock. I cut the poems out with decorative scissors, matted them and adhered them to the pages of the book. The pages came with a beautiful rose image printed on each page, too. I tied a ribbon bookmark to the spine of the journal and added more ribbons on the spirals. I printed a pic of Missy on photo paper and adhered it to the front. The title words are computer generated and sponged with Chestnut Roan chalk ink. One of the poems inside reads:

I like to sleep under the covers
All curled up in a ball
Sleeping next to those I love
Is the greatest sleep of all...

All the poems are written so young ones can hopefully read the book for themselves. It has been a labor of love to make this journal, but I have to admit it took its toll on my emotions. I know I have done the right thing about Missy but I am sure gonna miss the little stink!

If you are still awake, you can hop on over to Mary Witter's blog and find some good things going on! Mary always offers us inspiration!

Thank you for letting me have my therapy session! I feel much better! I also want to thank you for stopping by and sharing our blog hop! Your attention and comments are always a boost and are welcomed. Aren't crafty ladies just the BEST?!?!?

Hope you are all having a great week and I leave you with exactly what you bring to me...



  1. Oh, Vicki this is a labor of love for sure. I know youhave a heavy heart but I hopeit lightens in time to know you dod all the things for your Missy. Your project is beautiful and touching. I am so happy you shared it with us.

  2. Awww....vicki, what a beautiful story. As I sit here...tears streaming down my face... I can only imagine the heartache and the difficult choice of letting such a little precious gem go. But, thankfully, she is growing with 2 little girls and a mother who will love her as well. That's great. I think with the sound of the energy she has as you described, that she'll be able to keep up with them and be very happy. We just started 10 hr shifts where I work as well and it's been extremely hard on Pinky. She's been having little "accidents" in her crate, bless her heart, trying to hold it for so long. So, pat has decided to come home in the afternoon for lunch and let her out for a little while. I am just amazed at how creative you are my friend. What a sweet and wonderful journal for this family as well. The Lord has blessed you with the gift of a very giving spirit. *hugs* I pray that He blesses you as much as you bless us. :)

  3. That's true love...letting go for the better! A sacrifice of love ...what a sweet thing to create for them! Will help them love her even more....sending you a big ole cyber hug (-:

  4. What a true love sacrifice. Sending you hugs!!!

  5. Awwww- huge Hug to you- I bet the little girls will love their new pet- bet the other dogs and the cat will miss 'Missy' too. Love the great journal you poured love into!

  6. Oh, what a sweet project! Thanks for sharing the story too.


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