Thursday, December 16, 2010

White Christmas....Maybe?

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share some pics of our first snowfall with you. It is so beautiful! I just feel bad for those who have to get out in it! The first pic is my view from my kitchen window. The horses don't seem to mind the snow as long as they get some extra hay and corn! You can see that the right side of the barn faces the road. Our church will be presenting a Live Nativity there on the 19th. Viewers don't even have to leave their cars! Now we are just hoping the weather will cooperate so folks can be safe driving the road!

The next pics are the views from my front porch. Amazing how a little snow can make things look so peaceful! We have three creeks on the property and they merge in my front yard. It's beautiful when it snows but a little scary when the heavy rains come! The little metal house you see on the right is a canning house that my grandfather built so they would not have to heat up the house kitchen so much! The wooden building by my mailbox is the wood shed. No, I never had to make a trip there for a good "whoopin" but I carried many a piece of wood to and from there! The little bit of a building you see on the left of that pic is the general store my family had here for years. My Mom has most of the display pieces from the store in her house now, but there is still a HUGE safe and several other things in there. The store was closed by the time I was born, but you can imagine the stories we have heard that came from the front porch of that building!!

The last pic is where the road curves around my house. This was just a dirt road made from a wagon trail until the 70's. I had so much fun racing down the hill on a homemade cart! Stopping was the hard part! Now the dogs wonder why all this traffic keeps coming through their yard! The little bridge is one lane still and one of the few left in the county. Many a traveler has misjudged their speed around that curve and they got to see the creek "up close and personal" with their cars! Those who think the country is a quiet little place with nothing happening have never been here!

We are now covered in ice! Hopefully, it will all thaw soon so I can get to the church to decorate for our "Keenagers" (Seniors) party on Saturday!

Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me share a bit of home with you! I love this place and feel so blessed to enjoy it every day! Come back when you can and feel free to leave a comment anytime! Hope you all have a Blessed Christmas or a Blessed Holiday to those who observe other special days! We'll be looking forward to your next visit!

Blessings to all,


  1. WHAT??? My gosh, Vicki, what an awesome view out of a kitchen window! That's totally the best! The snow looks really pretty.
    We had some snow here too, but last night we had freezing rain, so it was "fun" getting into a car this morning :)
    Stay well and stay warm!

  2. Wow- tis is such a wonderful setting- I hope you can post some pic's of the live Nativity- I would love to see it! Love the image of you flying down the road on a cart! And, the idea of a car speeding around the corner and ending up in the creek- Thanks for sharing a delightful part of your life! I hope you are having a great December-snow and all.

  3. how beautiful! Love the pics and that general store is just so neat....just to imagine the people that used to come in and out of there...too cool.

  4. What beautiful pictures. Makes me sad in a way. I can remember,as a kid,getting up Christmas morning and rushing to the window to see if there was snow on the ground before checking out to see if Santa had come. We now live in a snowless area and even after 50+ years, I miss it.

  5. Awww Vicki - these are beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I love that you made one as your new blog header. It looks so peaceful and serene.

    Have a beautiful Christmas!!!

  6. Beautiful photos Vicki, thanks! My horses don't mind the snow, but I mind the water supply freezing up LOL! They do seem to drink so much when they're just eating hay not grass.
    Hope the service went well.
    Happy Christmas to you if I don't "visit" with you before

  7. Vicki, these photos are lovely. We haven't had any snow yet. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  8. Stopping by with a wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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